Why Your Child May Enjoy Playing Lacrosse

This has been a game enjoyed by children and adults alike hundreds of years ago. Then, it was not nearly as safe as it is today. Now, rules and regulations demand that the greatest care for safety must be taken. As with all games, this is not always easy to enforce, but every effort is made that children involved in Lacrosse are very well protected from injury.

Teams of different age groups place children as closely as possible within a small range of age, weight and height of all the children in that particular age group. There will always be some children bigger than others even though the bigger children may be younger than the smaller ones. To be fair to all, parameters have been set for the individual age groups. Lacrosse is not necessarily a game of physical strength but more of speed and agility. For this reason, the larger child may possibly even be at a disadvantage during certain game strategies.

Details Of The Game:

Lacrosse is a full contact sport and the object is to get the ball away from the player of the opposite team. The player has a either a long stick or a short stick with which to catch the ball and throw it toward the goal, usually by way of team effort, one player throwing to another of the same team, almost in the fashion of a relay race. Your child may love the experience of being a member of a team. Team effort is often more valuable than actually winning with reference to maturity and character building. A sense of accomplishment and belonging will add to his or her self-esteem and self-confidence.

More Characteristics:

Of course, never to be discounted are the most basic safety precautions of the right equipment. Originally, Lacrosse had sticks made of wood and rubber balls that had a lead center. The sticks of today are light weight, easy-to-handle plastic sticks. For the youth teams, they are made for the player’s body size, just like bats are fitted to the children’s arm length. Additional safety gear consists of shoulder pads. The collar bone is the most frequently fractured bone in the body, so protection in this area is vital. Pads to protect the elbows of the young players are also very important. An elbow fracture can have devastating consequences on growing bones. Gloves protect not only fingers but also wrists and act to provide a more secure grip on the stick.

Safety First:

Unequivocally the most important safety gear is the helmet. Serious head injuries are prevented by this sturdy protection. The top part of these helmets is reminiscent of bicycle helmets but they have protective caging attached that covers the entire facial area. The entire skull is in danger of a concussion, a hematoma, or a fracture. Eyes and noses are very vulnerable to punches in the face. Helmets will protect them from injury. A solid investment of high quality gear is essential to the child’s safety. Equipped thus, with Lacrosse stick in hand, your child will have much fun.

Who Invented Lacrosse And Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Lacrosse has come to us by way of discovery. At a time when America was just starting to be settled, a missionary first observed the native Indians play a game with a ball and a stick that had a webbed design of string on its end, like a loose net, in which to carry, and run with, the ball. He named the game la crosse, the stick. It is not clear why he called it that but it is assumed that he just named it thus because of the stick that is used to maneuver the ball. This happened in the seventeenth century. The game itself may date back to the fifth century, however.

Basics Of The Game:

Today’s Lacrosse team has ten members on the field. The object of Lacrosse is to catch the ball with the net and to keep possession of it until it can be hurled into the goal of the opposite team. The other team, of course, will try its best to keep the first team from shooting the ball through their goal and instead, take the ball and shoot it through the goal on the other side.

It was not nearly as organized as it should be in the beginning. Rules were made and broken and remade. There were many arguments about rulings and something had to be done. Official rules were set to paper, changing some former conventional regulations to make the game safer for the players. Originally, the teams had hundreds of players on each side of the field at once. Keeping track of the relatively small ball with so many team players running in the field must have been difficult. With the new rules, the number of players was reduced to ten per team on the field at one time. The length of time to play was also changed to a much shorter time from the all-day event of the original game; thus, in 1867, the game of Lacrosse was codified.

Canadian Popularity:

Through the efforts of a Canadian dentist, the game gained a fairly slow but steady foothold in Canada before it ever received any real interest in the US. After a royal nod at the end of the nineteenth century, it gained rapidly in popularity. In 1904 it was one of the games played in the Olympics. After 1908, Lacrosse was taken out of the Olympic Games.

Since then, Lacrosse has been steadily on the incline being one of the choices of sports to play in most colleges. Not only men participate, but there are women’s leagues as well. More recently, youth teams have been established for teams in the eight years or younger groups, ten years or younger, twelve years or younger and fourteen years or younger. Currently its greatest expanding popularity is moving through Midwestern states although there seems to be also quite a growing interest in the western and west coast states. Increased media attention and formation of Lacrosse clubs throughout the United States was partially responsible for this game’s gain in stature.

The Evolution of Lacrosse

In its earliest inception, Lacrosse was a game played by men only. It was a game of native Indians and involved practically all the men in the tribe. Once discovered by the European settlers and missionaries, the game was adopted by them and adapted to friendlier moves. This took quite some time and finally, by the end of the nineteenth century, it became a familiar game with many people and gained popularity from there on.

After The Beginning:

From the prototype of Lacrosse, several splinter versions have been developed. They are not so much different in the way the game is played as to who plays them and how those players are protected. Modern day Lacrosse includes Field lacrosse, Box lacrosse, Women’s lacrosse and College lacrosse. Each type has minor differences in rules. There is also Lacrosse for junior players, categorized into different age groups.

In field lacrosse, players are equipped with lacrosse sticks. These can be short or long. The short ones are between forty and forty-two inches long and are generally used for attack, while the long ones measure fifty-two inches in length and are better suited for defensive players. Only some players have the distinction of being the long stick carriers. Goalies of Lacrosse have the advantage of sticks between forty and seventy-two inch sticks. There are four periods of twenty minutes each to play. Penalties can be assigned lasting from thirty seconds up to a minute. In the case of one player accruing five minutes or more of penalty time, he may be disqualified from the game.

Different Types Of Lacrosse

Box lacrosse is the smaller, indoor version of the same game. It has fewer players on the field at a time than the field lacrosse because the arena is smaller and would be crowded with ten players on each side. This was a really good deviation from the original game because in the winter, the games can continue and the spectators are not exposed to the harsh elements. This Lacrosse game is faster paced because of its diminished playing field. Instead running a field that measures one hundred ten yards by sixty yards, the players running distance is much shorter. Amore demanding game physically, the players need additional pads to protect their ribs.

Not Just For The guys

Women’s lacrosse has a different set of concerns for the players’ physical safety. Permission of physical contact is much more limited. This is necessary because women’s protective gear in Lacrosse consists only of a mouth guard to protect the teeth and a face guard to ward off possible blows from a tick or ball. Gloves are not always worn, which will leave hands and fingers more exposed to injury.

College lacrosse is basically men’s and women’s lacrosse, only at the collegiate level. Lacrosse at this level has gained a number of teams in both, men’s and women’s divisions. Rules for the collegiate players seem to be the same as those for the professionals. Since the first college games over a century ago, Lacrosse has grown to one hundred sixty six divisions for the men and two hundred and one divisions for the women’s teams.

The protective gear guide for lacrosse

Lacrosse for men is a game that can be rather vicious in nature with a lot of defense and attack playing and more than a few injuries if the players are not careful. Whilst once used as a military training guide for the Native Americans many years ago, it has now become slightly more civilized in nature and with this brings the need for more in the way of protective clothing to shield from the hard ball and the vicious sticks!

Known as a high impact sport, lacrosse needs a lot of padding in the body region to prevent from the arms, shoulders, ribs and legs being hit by both the ball and the stick. Of course, head injuries must be avoided so helmets, chin pieces and occasionally gum shields are worn for full protection. This does differ slightly from male to female versions of the game; the ladies version is less impact so only goggles are worn whereas the male game can get quite nasty!

Due to the male stick being much longer and with the net being much deeper, there is more chance of becoming injured so you will notice that there seems to be a lot more in the way of padding to prevent the men’s vital organs!

There are three main factors to take into account when you are considering buying protective gear to be worn when playing lacrosse. A lot of new brands have come about over recent years as the game has become increasingly popular all over the world and because of this, there is now a lot more in the way of options open to you to protect yourself in the game. Quality must be high of course with durability being alongside this. However, cost is a major factor for many families and therefore there needs to be a good combination of the three.

When you consider how much you can get hurt in this game, the quality of the lacrosse protection you buy must outweigh the cost. You may think that the money you are spending is a lot but when you are in hospital with broken legs or arms, the medical fees will be much greater! When looking at the quality and durability of your lacrosse protective gear, you must also take into account how comfortable the gear is going to be when you are trying to run around in it and also if you are able to run around in it at all. Lightweight materials are offered these days of course however, are these going to protect you as well as they should do?

A decent helmet for men’s lacrosse is something that you cannot do without as well in this fun game however you must realize that no expense should be spared. Head injuries can be fatal and spending those few extra dollars on extra protection will be worth it if a stick or ball comes flying towards your head!

The Ins And Outs Of Cash Game Poker

There are so many different types of poker tournaments today that is understandable for a beginner to get confused about the various kinds of events these involve, but these typically include either a single or a multi table tourney, a Freeroll, a Satellite or Qualifier event, a competition of Sit and Go besides a Re-buy or Freezeout tournament in addition to other tags like Steps, Turbo and Shootout.

However, when poker sites first began, tournaments didn’t exist – at least not till the 20th century. In fact, the famous WSOP (The World Series of Poker) only started sometime in the 1970’s and that too, only in select provinces where a handful of professionals participated for prize money that seems like peanuts when compared to the huge wins possible in current day poker tourneys.

In recent times, the popularity of the game as well as the monetary rewards, fame and respectability the card game enjoys today are all significant factors linked with various charitable causes many of the tournaments are played for or have a major chunk of player winnings diverted to a worthy social issue that has contributed to the growing presence of cash game poker all over the world.

Many may think that the rise of sit and go poker tournaments would lead to the death of cash games, but this didn’t turn out to be so as there the number of No Limit Hold’em cash games today than there ever were recorded in the history of professional poker. Speaking of which, here are some tips worth remembering when playing in such a game.

As regards the blinds, in a cash game play of no limits hold’em poker, players must remember to keep blinds consistent during the course of the play and assert a certain level of patience for the requirements of a starting hand.

Another tip for players in the cash game is to aim for a minimum 100 big blinds for the stack though capped games and limitations on the bankroll may not always allow for trying this option.

Remember though, that cash games allow for re-buy options or standing if you want; so, learn and apply essential bankroll management skills and as the song goes, ‘know when to fold’em, know when to hold’em’…so do just that in the right measure and quit or keep playing based on how you feel your skills will hold up in a particular hand. If you play long enough, you will probably be able to figure out how to edge out an opponent by observing their play but this is not advisable if you’ve already lost out on more than you are geared up for during a particular session; if you are unprepared to lose further, it may be wise to quit because for what its worth, hoping to press a lucky streak or break even by continuing to play is not smart poker playing in a cash game.

Get your stack in advise professionals, especially when playing in a tournament such as the World Series of Poker where every decision can mean extending your survival so you will require bigger edges which can come your way via rebuy options; take advantage of this choice.

Finally, remember that if you have managed to boost your bankroll so far, try to maintain the re-buys so you press any edge and continue to hold a big skill advantage over the other players.

The Female of the Species: Online Gambling and Gender

The issue of gender and online gambling is rather an interesting one. The fact is that both men and women do it. However, how many of each gender participate, and does the general level and area of their participation differ? Also, how are the genders treated by the casinos?

The second question may be the most logical one to start with, since we can begin to address it via a cursory view of several sites. It has already been mentioned that both men and women gamble online. Still, many sites seem to assume that their visitors are male—to be specific, heterosexual males. This is demonstrated by the large number of casinos whose designs feature attractive women displaying varying degrees of coyness. It is true that other sites take a more gender-neutral approach by featuring an attractive heterosexual couple, but we hardly see casino designs tailored specifically for women, perhaps featuring an attractive man.

Is this skewed approach justified in any way, or should we just label the casino owners sexist pigs? Empirical data does indeed show that men do gamble online much more than women do. Furthermore, the women who do gamble online sometimes behave rather differently than men do. In general, men tend to concentrate relatively more on the playing/competing/winning aspect of online casinos. Women, on the other hand, generally focus more than men do on meeting and interacting with other players online.

Given this data, it does make sense to put more energy into the “larger” market, i.e. men. It also makes some sense to take differing approaches to promoting online gambling to the two genders. For instance, there are many sites which claim to be specifically oriented towards women.

How are women’s sites different? Well, the design is one very obvious point. Women-oriented gambling sites tend to be dominated by pastel colors and flower motifs. They are easy to contrast with “regular” sites that tend to have dark colors like black, maroon, and forest green. The community features at women’s casinos also tend to be relatively better developed. The presence of female-oriented sites might seem like a great step forward for online feminism, but on the other hand, the stereotyped femininity of the visual design might seem like a step back.

Women also seem to like certain games better. Bingo, for example, is often used to jump-start women’s casinos. Casino owners use bingo as a draw, but then offer other games for lady visitors to try, as well. This seems to have been a good way to increase the size and devotion of the female market in online gambling.

However, this trend also seems to have a dark side. The issue of compulsive or problematic online gambling seems to be affecting more and more women, as was remarked upon by at least one major British newspaper. Actually, that aspect of gender issues in gambling might be the topic of further inquiry: what are the connections between the gender of a problem gambler and the type of therapy the person gets, or should get? It is another sign that the issue of gender and gambling is ever-evolving, and needs further research for us to understand it better.

How to Win Poker – Some Strategies

Poker is a high card game, meaning that in order for a player to win the game, he or she has to have the highest card combination using the cards he or she has been dealt with and the community cards that have been dealt in the center of the table which is shared by the other players of the game. Apart from the player’s ability to win big despite the small bets that are required to be posted to play, poker is one of those few card games where a player has to do quite a bit of thinking and using a combination of different strategies in order to get ahead in the game. Here are just some strategies to help you win at poker.


One of the most commonly used strategies in poker is bluffing. Bluffing is usually done by a player to lead the others to believe that he or she has a really good hand to encourage the rest of the players to fold, allowing him or her to win the pot. Bluffing is best done when there are only a few more players left in the game in order to minimize the chances that someone would call the bluff. Although this is the most common strategy, it is only used also every now and then during the game in order to keep the players guessing on whether or not the player is really bluffing or really does have a good hand.

Frequent Folding

Many successful poker players tend to fold quite frequently, especially during the first few rounds of the game. This strategy is done in order for the player to gauge on how the other poker players play their hands to determine who are the aggressive players and who the passive players in the group are. At the same time, the player would also be able to stay longer in the game, giving him or her greater chance in winning later on.

Calculating the Odds

Another popular strategy used by poker players is calculating the odds using what is called the 4-2 rule. This rule helps poker players determine the chances of them getting the cards they need in order to get the highest possible poker hand combination using the cards that they have in their hand and the community cards that have been dealt on the table. To do this, they need to first determine how many of the cards they need are left in the deck. This number is then multiplied by 4 and then divided by 2. The higher the odds, the greater the chances of getting the cards they need. This strategy is commonly used after the flop to help the player decide whether to call the bet or to fold his or her hand.

Changing Your Play

Seasoned poker star players always want to keep the rest of the players guessing all the time on their playing strategy. Being too passive in the game may keep you in the game longer, but it would not also get you to win as much. On the other hand, playing too aggressive all the time would cause you to eventually lose very early in the game.

Who Is Apart Of Team Full Tilt Poker?

Full Tilt Poker is the second largest online poker room right now and they offer the best high stakes action you’re going to find on the internet. Over the years Full Tilt has spent a lot of time working on building the best team of professional poker players too support their online poker room. They have a team that is known as “Team Full Tilt Poker and the team consists of many of the best poker players in the world. If you’re unsure who is apart of Team Full Tilt then continue reading below to learn a little bit about the players who make up the team.

* Phil Ivey – Ivey has won 7 WSOP Bracelets and 1 WPT Championship
* Howard Lederer – Lederer has won 2 WSOP Bracelets and 2 WPT Titles
* John Juanda – Juanda has won 4 WSOP Bracelets
* Chris Ferguson – Ferguson has won 5 WSOP Bracelets, 2 WSOP Rings and National Heads-Up Champion
* Jennifer Harman – Harman has won 2 WSOP Bracelets
* Phil Gordon – Gordon has won 1 WPT Championship
* Erick Lindgren – Lindgren has won 1 WSOP Bracelet and 2 WPT Championships
* Erik Seidel – Seidel has won 8 WSOP Bracelets and 1 WPT Championship
* Andy Bloch – Bloch has won almost $5 million in live tournament play and was a member of MIT
* Mike Matusow – Matusow has won 3 WSOP Bracelets
* Gus Hansen – Hansen has won 4 WPT Titles
* Allen Cunningham – Cunningham has won 5 WSOP Bracelets
* Patrik Antonius – Antonius has won 1 EPT Title

Team Full Tilt continues to grow and although they haven’t had any new additions yet they still have the best team by far. All of these players can be found from time to time playing online poker at FullTiltPoker.com although some definitely play more then others. You can often find Phil Ivey, Patrick Antonius, Gus Hansen, Mike Matusow and several other players playing on a regular basis.

A lot of the players who play regularly have their own poker room named after them in the Full Tilt Poker room and they always play on the high limit tables. Whenever there is a game going on every FullTiltPoker player can watch the action if they wish and some nights the action often gets good with pots reaching well into the six figures. You can learn a lot by just watching the pros play regularly and it can really help you excel your poker skills.

Team FullTilt.com is very exclusive to only the best players, but Full Tilt also sponsors a ton of pro poker players. Some of the pros sponsored by Full Tilt consist of Andy Black, Brad Booth, Eli Elezra, Vitaly Lunkin, David Oppenhiem, Huck Seed, Roland de Wolfe and a ton of the other players. There are some amazing players who play on Full Tilt Poker and it’s definitely one of the best poker rooms to play in. If you’re currently looking for somewhere to play then I would suggest that you check out Full Tilt Poker so you can not only play, but also learn from some of the best players in the world.

How to bet on Soccer Matches

As one of the most popular sports in the world, soccer is played on every continent and followed passionately by millions of fans. Soccer fans can bet on the matches using an Internet sports betting site. When betting on soccer over the Internet, you can place wagers using the money line or by using a point spread. In order to place wagers on soccer matches, one must establish an Internet sports betting account, which can be done at a reputable Internet bookmaker that accepts soccer bets. Additionally, in order to place soccer bets on the Internet, you must fund your account using an e-wallet, by making a wire transfer, or through the use of a credit or debit card.

When betting soccer matches at a site like full tilt, you can bet via the money line or by using the point spread. When betting through the point spread method of soccer betting, the favored team (the one expected to win the match) spots the underdog points. The bet settles based on the final score line and the shifting of points. A point spread soccer line looks like the following sample line:

Manchester United -2

Stoke City +2

In this sample line, Manchester United, the favorite in this match up, is giving Stoke City two goals. If one believes United will defeat Stoke City by a margin greater than two goals, Manchester United is the correct bet. Should United fail to win by more than two goals, the bet on United will lose. If one bets on Stoke City, they have a two-goal cushion. Thus, a score line of Manchester United 3 – Stoke City 2 would result in Stoke City being the winning side in the point spread bet.

Alternatively, one can bet on the money line for a match like this. The money line for the same match looks like the following sample line:

Manchester United -900

Stoke City +2000

In the money line, points do not change hands. Instead, a bettor takes on additional or less financial risk in exchange for not receiving or giving points. The -900 suggests one must wager $900 to win $100 if betting on Manchester United to win. Negative numbers reflect the amount that must be bet in order to get paid $100. On the other hand, Stoke City has a +2000. A positive money line reflects the money that can be won on a $100 bet. Thus, one who bets $100 on Stoke City to win will bring home $2k if they emerge victorious.

An overview of lacrosse

First originated in America by the Native Americans, lacrosse is a sport that is very popular, especially among high school years and for both men and women alike. At the beginning of its era, lacrosse was a sport that was used as military training for the various Native American tribes but back then it would consist of hundreds of players all trying to score a goal at the end of a large field. In those days, it was sticks that were used to fight off an opponent that was trying to score a goal but thankfully, the game has become much more civilized and now involves rules that determine how many players can be on the field at one time.

It was the French that originally gave this famous sport it’s name by referring to it as “La Crosse.” It was during the early nineteenth century that the game was taken to Montreal and from there it became the game that we know and love today with the rules set to ensure that the game was fair. It was much later than this that the game spread to various parts of the world such as England and Canada but these days, the sport is not quite as common in the UK.

In 1877, lacrosse was invited into the schools and colleges across America and the first game was played between two schools – Manhattan College and also New York University. Two short years later, the US Amateur Lacrosse Association came about and then just a few years after that came the Intercollegiate Lacrosse League.

Lacrosse is a game where the rules are changed between men and women. Slightly less aggressive for females that choose this fun sport, physical contact is kept to a minimum and are no longer allowed to use their entire body in a bid to block the attacker and retrieve the ball. Men however, are allowed to use more of their body and it is because of this that they have more in the way of protective clothing; especially around the face and head to ensure that no bad injuries occur.

There are ten players in a standards male game of lacrosse. There will be of course, the all important goalie to prevent goals being scored from the opposite team but then there are three men that will be on the attack, three that are on the defense and also three men that will be playing midfield. This is not so different from British soccer. The ladies team will differ slightly with twelve players in total. Then there is box lacrosse with has a goal keeper and then five men that are known as runners as the playing ground is much smaller.

The aim of the game is of course to score as many goals as you can in your opponents goal, weaving your way around the defense and midfield competitors. Known as a passing game, the ball is thrown by the lacrosse “stick” and caught again by another player, hopefully on your team!